Tutoring Services

The Ohlone tutoring system is college-wide, featuring a central tutorial services operation and numerous other discipline or location-specific tutoring sites. All sites give academic support to students needing extra help in understanding the concepts presented in the instructional process.

Tutoring is provided at no charge (free) and is available to all enrolled students to help students meet their academic goals.

The Tutoring Center (also known as the English Learning Center (ELC)), located in Building 3 (Room 3509, Fifth floor on the Fremont campus) offers peer tutoring in most subject areas.

Subject-specific tutoring is also available on both campuses.

Subject-specific Tutoring
Tutoring Subjects Center Name Fremont Campus Room Newark Campus Room
Accounting Accounting Lab 3518A NC2315
Biology Biology and Chemistry Learning Center (BCLC) 1203  
Biotechnology Biology and Chemistry Learning Center (BCLC) 1203  
Chemistry Biology and Chemistry Learning Center (BCLC) 1203  
CNET, Computer Applications, Computer Science, Computer Studies Instructional Computer Studies Lab   NC2315
Deaf Studies, including English and Mathematics for Deaf students and American Sign Language for hearing students Evelyn Henderson Deaf Studies Lab 6105  

Math Learning Center (MLC)

3404 NC1102

English Learning Center (ELC)

3509 NC1124
English as a Second Language (ESL)

English Learning Center (ELC)

3509 NC1105
Foreign Language

English Learning Center (ELC)

Health Sciences: Physical Therapist Assistant, Registered Nursing, Respiratory Therapist Available by appointment (contact the Health Sciences Division)    

Math Learning Center (MLC)

3404 NC1102

Math Learning Center (MLC)

3404 NC1102
Speech Communication Communication Labs 3418 NC1110

The Counseling Department, Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS), and Student Accessibility Services (SAS) also provide tutoring and learning readiness programs and coordinate services with the tutoring centers.


NetTutor, free 24/7 online tutoring, available to Ohlone students, is accessible through all courses and learning center shells on the Canvas site. For more information on how to locate NetTutor on Canvas and avail the free tutoring, please click on the following link.


Contact Information

Department Name
Andrew Lemanque
Biology and Chemistry
Wing Chi Man
Computer Sciences
Lori Silverman
English & Liberal Arts
Mary Fontanilla
Math, Engineering & Physics
Dangto Ta