Umoja Community Logo

Umoja is a Kiswahili word that means "unity."

Umoja Mission

The Umoja Scholars Program is dedicated to enhancing the cultural and educational experiences of African American and other students.

We believe that when the voices and histories of students are deliberately and intentionally recognized, the opportunity for self-efficacy emerges, and a foundation is formed for academic success.

The program is designed to help students make a smooth transition into college and successfully transfer to a four-year university.

  • Umoja is a community of educators and learners committed to the academic success, personal growth, and self actualization of African American and other students.
  • Umoja seeks to educate the whole student: body, mind and spirit.
  • Umoja engages students to participate in the construction of knowledge and critical thought.
  • Umoja seeks to help students experience themselves as valuable and worthy of an education.
  • Umoja actively serves and promotes success for all students through a focused and organized curriculum responsive to the legacy of the African and African American cultures.

Umoja Program Goals

  • To enhance the cultural and educational experience of students by exposing them to knowledge and ideas that are Afrocentric.
  • To ensure success by offering comprehensive retention services.
  • To provide students with the knowledge, skills and resources to make healthy life and lifestyles decisions.

Vision Statement

The Ohlone Umoja program exists to Motivate, Mobilize and Move students into success, expanding beyond the College Experience.