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The Ohlone College Veterans Affairs Office is the liaison to the U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs for educational benefits. The veteran must have served under conditions other than dishonorable in order to be eligible for assistance.

Ohlone College offers Veteran's educational benefits to eligible veterans, reservists, and dependents for most courses. Benefits may be paid for courses that are required for the student's declared program of study on file in the Ohlone College Veterans Affairs Office (some limitations may apply).

All students who wish to receive VA education benefits MUST complete the matriculation process. Students receiving benefits must be aware of and maintain satisfactory academic progress throughout their program of study in accordance with Ohlone College and VA Standards of Progress.

Matriculation Requirements

Students must complete the Matriculation process, which includes Orientation, completing assessments in reading, English and math, and meet with the Ohlone College Veterans Office academic counselor.

All students are required to have official transcripts from all prior colleges, universities, and training institutes on file within the first semester of attendance. New students must complete these requirements before the start of the first semester.

VA Standards of Progress

In addition to the current Ohlone College policy on probation/dismissal, students receiving VA education benefits must complete at least 50% of units attempted and maintain a Cumulative GPA of 2.00.

Students who are on Suspension Status will be reported to the US Department of Veterans Affairs as maintaining Unsatisfactory Progress and VA educational benefits will be discontinued.

Students reported on Unsatisfactory Progress must complete 50% of units attempted, a minimum of one 6 units with a semester or CGPA of 2.00 or above before re-certification is possible. In order to ensure that satisfactory academic progress can be achieved, the Counselor may impose unit limits and/or require courses for which the VA will not pay.

Student Responsibilities

When Can You Expect Payment?

Approximately three to four weeks after the application and enrollment certification is submitted to VA by our office, the student will receive a notification from VA showing the enrollment period certified, remaining entitlement, delimiting date, and claim number. The payment comes at the beginning of each month for training that occurred during the previous month.

Questions Regarding Status of VA Benefits

Students who receive correspondence from the VA and have questions regarding their benefits should bring in the correspondence to the Ohlone College Veterans Office to expedite the receipt of their benefits.

It is the responsibility of each student to notify the Ohlone College Veterans Office of changes in unit status, courses, grades, academic objective, and address. In order to receive benefits on time or avoid the possibility of an overpayment, notify the office promptly of any adjustments. If you are a continuing student, it is necessary to request certification of enrollment every semester through the Veterans Office at the time of registration.

Students are also required to maintain satisfactory academic progress as outlined in the Ohlone College Catalog.

Further Information

Refer to the Ohlone College VA Reference Guide (PDF) , contact the Veterans Affairs Office at Ohlone College, or the Veterans Administration at:

Veterans Affairs Regional Office
Oakland Federal Building
1301 Clay Street, Room 1300 North
Oakland, CA 94612-5029
(800) 827-1000

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