Veterans Standards of Progress - Veterans Affairs Office

(Effective Fall 2015.)

Students, who are receiving VA Education Benefits, are required to meet Veterans Standard of Progress at the end of each semester. The purposes of these standards are to comply with V.A. requirements and to serve the students by giving adequate warning if they are in danger of benefit termination by the V.A. Students who do not meet the standards will be placed on Warning, Probation, or Suspension status.

Ohlone College is required by the Veterans Administration to terminate the benefit for students who are on Suspension Status (notify the V.A. of ineligibility for benefits). It should be clearly understood that in the event a student has the benefits terminated, he/she may be eligible and is encouraged to continue taking courses at Ohlone College until he/she is able to improve the cumulative grade point average (C.G.P.A) and be reinstated for veteran's benefits. Counselors are available to help students on a drop-in and/or appointment basis.

  1. "Warning" will be issued when:

    1. Student's cumulative G.P.A falls below 2.0, and/or
    2. Student completes less than 50% of units attempted during any given term.

    Courses students receive letter grade (A, B, C, D, F, I, IP, P, NP, W) will be considered as attempted units. Courses in which student successfully complete (A, B, C, D, and P) are counted as units completed).

    *While on this status, student may continue to receive the benefit.

  2. "Probation" is issued if either or both of the above conditions occur for two consecutive semesters (prior status will be rollover if the student returns and continue receiving the benefit).

    *While on this status, student may continue to receive the benefits.

  3. "Suspension": When the following conditions occur, your GI bill benefit will be terminated and the school will notify the V.A. of unsatisfactory academic progress.

    1. Student who does not raise his/her C.G.P.A. to a 2.0 or higher for three consecutive semesters are immediately decertified.
    2. Student whose lack of progress occurs for three consecutive semesters are immediately decertified.

Student will be reinstated in the program when the following condition has been met:

Completion of 6 units, 50% of units attempted with a semester G.P.A of 2.0 or above.

Student will remain on Suspension status but may continue to receive GI Bill benefit if the student meets the reinstatement's conditions each semester until the C.G.P.A reaches 2.000 or higher.

Student who is on Dismissal Status from school must meet with an academic counselor and petition for reinstatement to clear the registration block.