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ONTV 28.

The following is a list of videos produced here at the Television Center, available on demand as Windows Media Video (WMV) files (requirements). Unless noted below, the videos are not captioned and transcripts are not available.

  1. Rocky Rivera, "Trick Habit" - This video was produced in association with the BRDC-152, Film and Video class.
  2. Servant of Two Masters - Fall 2011 Theatre and Dance Production
  3. Rabbit Hole - Fall 2009 Theatre and Dance Production
  4. Halloween Trilogy - Fall 2008 Theatre and Dance Production
  5. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum - Summerfest 2008
  6. Much Ado About Nothing - 2007 Department of Theatre Production
  7. 2007 Sitcom Pilots - Television Series Production class productions of Toupee, Teacher's Pet, Perfect Marriage and Prey
  8. Biotech Department Promo - Created by Robert Gottman and Ohlone Students
  9. Classroom of the Future - Jamison Boyer, videographer and editor
  10. Dracula Preview - Nizar Ahmed, videographer and editor
  11. Film and Video Promotional Video - Lawrence Iriarte and Ohlone students
  12. Department of Fine Arts Promotional Video - videotaped and edited by Ohlone College students
  13. Journalism Department Promotional Video - Jeremy Protz, videographer and editor
  14. Miss Saigon - Summerfest 2007
  15. 2006 Television Series Class Production - Out of Character
  16. Real World Ohlone - videotaped and edited by Jeremy Protz, Kyle Warmack
  17. Romeo and Juliet - 2006 Department of Theatre Production
  18. 2007 Department of Dance Production
  19. Department of Theatre Promotional Production
  20. There's the Phone - Elson Ros, BRDC 152 Film and Video Production final class project
  21. The Three Musketeers Open - created by Lawrence Iriarte and Jeremy Protz

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