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How to Format a Text Transcript

Use MS Word and format it as follows:

  • Include identifying information (at top): Title, Source, Date Produced (such as: The Real World Ohlone, Ohlone College, 2004).
  • Use headings and subheadings to divide information into logical groups
  • Split text into short paragraphs for better online reading
  • For lists of information, use bulleted lists
  • Indicate who is speaking. The first time someone speaks, identify the person by Full Name and Title/Type of Person. When that person speaks thereafter, identify them by Full Name or an Abbreviated Name. Example: First time: "John Johnson, Ohlone College student transferring to UC Berkeley"; then: "John".
  • Describe the meaning of non-decorative images, graphs, charts
  • Describe activities in video, especially if important for transitioning from section to section (such as: Driving to the airport)
  • See also: Collated Text Transcripts

Examples of Ohlone College Videos and Text Transcripts