Voicemail User Guide - Information Technology Services (ITS) Department

NEC UM8700 Voicemail System Instructions

Helpful Features

Turn on date and time stamping for your voicemail box as follows:

  1. Access your voicemail box
  2. Enter 3 for Phone Manager
  3. Enter 2 for Messaging Options
  4. Enter 6 for Message Envelope Settings
  5. Enter 1 to turn on Message Envelope (date and time of message) before hearing each voicemail message
    Enter 2 to turn on Message Envelope after hearing each voicemail message

Quick Troubleshooting Tips

You've set up your Voice Mail Account, but you are still not getting voice mail?

To insure that your calls go to your voice mail while you are on the phone or away from your desk Dial 10 + 6155.

You will hear a confirmation tone. (If there's a fast busy signal, the feature has already been selected.)

To cancel this feature (Call Forward Busy/No Answer), dial 11.

It is recommended that everyone program her/his phone and leave it. Also, if you ever need to FORWARD your calls to another line, dial 12 + the extension number you are forwarding calls to. Cancel by dialing 13.

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