"Wait…so you're telling me I'm white?" Asian American Experiences - Communication Colloquium Series - Speech & Communication Studies Department

Ohlone College welcomes its first ever Asian American Panel to celebrate Asian Pacific American History Month. The panel will include four members:

  • UC Berkeley Professor Emeritus Ling-chi Wang -

    Association for Asian American Studies Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient, Chaired the UC Berkeley Asian American Studies and Ethnic Studies Department, Founder of Chinese for Affirmative Action
  • SJSU Professor Funie Hsu -

    San Jose State Professor of American Studies; Ph.D. Education, University of California, Berkeley and Designated Emphasis in Women, Gender and Sexuality
  • Mark Lieu -

    Ohlone College Dean of Language and Communication Studies, Academic Senate for California Community College President
  • Wayne Takakuwa -

    Ohlone College Dean of Counseling and Student Services

The panel gives the Bay Area community an opportunity to celebrate the rich history of Asian Americans, and a chance to meet one of the most famous Asian American activists in history, UC Berkeley Professor Emeritus Ling-chi Wang. Professor Ling-chi Wang helped establish UC Berkeley's Asian American Studies and helped create the school's Ethnic studies graduate program. This event is also a rare opportunity for students to get to know SJSU Professor Funie Hsu, Ohlone College Dean Mark Lieu, and Ohlone College Dean Wayne Takakuwa-beyond their roles at SJSU and Ohlone College-as contributors to advancement of Asian Americans in society.

Each panelist will share their personal stories and discuss the significance of what the Asian American community represents to them. They will also cover topics such as the label of "Model Minority;" the "Bamboo Ceiling" Asian Americans face in education and the workplace; the lack of Asian American representation in mass media; and current events, including-but not limited to-the trial of Peter Liang.