Secure File Transfer Tutorials (SFTP) - Web Center

Authorized users must use a secure file transfer program using the SSH2 procotol (port 22) to transfer files (upload to and download from) and manage their website directory on the Ohlone College development web server.

Getting a Secure File Transfer Program for Your On-Campus Computer

Submit a request to the IT Service Desk to have a copy of the Windows or Mac secure file transfer program installed on your campus computer:

  • For Windows computers, these are available:
    • WinSCP
    • SSH Secure Shell: Secure File Transfer Client
    • FileZilla
  • For Mac computers, these are available:
    • MacSFTP
    • FileZilla

Login Information

  • Host Name:
  • Username: Your username
  • Password: Your network password
  • Port: 22
  • Authentication Method (if available): Keyboard Interactive

Using the Secure File Transfer Programs

A tutorial for WinSCP is not available: use WinSCP's Help system or search the web for a tutorial.

Off-Campus Use of the Secure File Transfer Programs

FileZilla is free (open source) software for Windows and Mac computers. You may use it for academic, personal, and business purposes.

If you are interested in using the SSH Secure Shell: Secure File Transfer Client on an off-campus (i.e., your home) Windows-based computer, you may download the software and use it for free as long as you use it only for academic purposes (refer to the license agreement included with the SSH Secure Shell software).

If you want to use the MacSFTP secure file transfer program on an off-campus (i.e., your home) Mac computer, you may download and install the software, but you must pay a shareware fee to use it after the trial period. You must process your payment through the software vendor's website.