Colors used by Web Team on Ohlone College Website - Web Team Procedures and Notes

This page is intended for use only by the Web Team.

Official Ohlone College Colors
PMS Value (color code for print materials) Color Name HTML Value (color code for websites equal to PMS) Resulting HTML Color Used on College Website Resulting Color
PMS 3292 Teal Green #005B55 #005B55
PMS 110 Old Gold #D8AA00 (not used - too dingy) #F5CD13
- - #006666 (web-safe) - -
- - #FFCC33 (web-safe) (not used - too deep) - -
Accent Colors used on the College website
Color (not HTML color name) HTML Value Resulting HTML Color Usage Notes
Forest Green #004949 skipto links, banner bgcolor
Teal Green (Official Color: PMS 110) (used on website) #005B55 main teal green used throughout
Blue-ish Green #A7D8C3 Newark only (homepage mostly)
Light Green #EBF9F5 notebox style4 bgcolor
Very Light Green #F2F8F7 footer at very bottom bgcolor (matches bkgrnd gradient image partway down)
Very Light Green #2 #F0F4F2 sidebar bgcolor, h2 bgcolor
Light Blue #E3EBF1 notebox style3 bgcolor
Medium Blue #0000DF bluehighlight
Purple #663399 visited links, logobox
Light Purple #E7E6EC NO LONGER USED tr.subheading bgcolor
Red #CC0000 warning/alert, focus outline, code strong, red used as needed
Red Orange #CD4006 h3, portal h2, vertical list plain hover/focus, index ltrs, focus/hover/active
Orange #c14a00 faqquestion, h4
Bright Orange #FF9933 btn bgcolor, horizontal list bgcolor
Very Light Orange #FAF0E1 notebox style6 bgcolor
Gold yellow (not dingy like official gold or as bright as web-safe yellow-gold) #F5CD13 main gold used throughout, horizontal nav focus/hover/acive, list vertical focus/hover/active, btn focus/hover/active
Yellow #FFFF99 highlight2 bgcolor, livewebcastlinkbox bgcolor
Light Yellow #FFFFCC forms focus/active, pale yellow used throughout, a focus
Very Light Yellow #FFFFEA table.stripeMe hover, notebox default/style5, lightbkgrndcolor5, googlemapsdrivingdirections bgcolor
Black #000000 misc borders
Dark Grey #666666 img border, photocredit/credit/caption
Medium-Dark Grey #999999 imagebox img border, tabs border
Medium Grey #CCCCCC tabs focus/hover, table rowseparator, pluginnotice border, table/th/td borders
Light Grey #E1E1E1 abbr dotted underline, th bgcolor, lightbkgrndcolo, blockquote left border
Very Light Grey #F1F1F1 h1.pagetitle bgcolor, pre/code bgcolor, embedded media bgcolor, form lightbkgrndcolor, tr.even/tr.alt bgcolor, llightbkgrndcolor2, tabs bgcolor, notebox style2 bgcolor