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"Why People Believe Weird Things"
An Evening with Michael Shermer
- Psychology Club Speaker Series

Michael Sherman shows tarot cards.Michael Shermer with Tarot cards. —Photo courtesy of Michael Shermer.
  • Friday, March 6, 2009 at 7:00pm
  • Jackson Theatre, Smith Center for the Fine and Performing Arts, Ohlone College, Fremont campus
  • General Admission $10
  • Smith Center Box Office / Information
  • Presented by the Ohlone College Psychology Club

Michael Shermer is a genuine ghost buster, a relentless crusader against superstition, and pseudoscience. In this lecture, he discusses his investigation of paranormal claims and other unexplained phenomena and what makes us believe in them.

  • Is ESP real?
  • Does “alternative” medicine really work?
  • What causes mass delusion?
  • What’s up with UFOs sightings?
  • Why are people so gullible?
  • What’s the evidence for Near-Death Experiences, Alien Abductions, Recovered Memories, Creationism, Holocaust Denial, Race, or God?

Based on his bestselling book Why People Believe Weird Things, psychologist Michael Shermer applies scientific reason to these and many other questions in a witty talk that has been described as a no-holds barred attack on the pseudoscience and nonsense of our day.

Michael Shermer is available for interviews prior to the event. Please call (510) 979-7581 or email shelms@ohlone.edu for more information.

The Ohlone College Monitor featured Michael Shermer in its February 11, 2009 issue: Psychology author aims to promote skeptism (PDF).

Video: Michael Shermer Out of Body Experiment

(Video is not captioned; no transcript.)

Visit Michael Shermer's YouTube Channel for additional videos.