Wildlife at Ohlone Campuses - Campus Police Services / Safety and Security

Ohlone College Police Patch.

Ohlone College campuses are home to many types of wildlife, including lizards, squirrels, turkeys, hawks, bats, bobcats, deer, rabbits, snakes, tarantulas and other spiders, ducks, owls, and heron. Please exercise caution when you come within close proximity.

Wildlife should not be handled without proper training and equipment.

Staff, faculty, and students should stay clear of any wildlife, healthy or injured. Most wildlife will eventually leave the area if left alone. If any animal appears to be sick or injured, Newark Animal Control.)


Bat hanging upside down.Bats on the Fremont campus are often located near Buildings 1 and 8 and occasionally near Buildings 2 and 6.

Please note that bats and skunks are the two most common carriers of rabies! The treatment for rabies is very painful. Please refer to Vector Control Services, Department of Environmental Health for information regarding bats and rabies.


If you observe a snake, notify Campus Police immediately. Rattlesnakes and Gopher snakes are similar in appearance and are common to the Fremont campus. Please do not try to be "Wildlife man" or "Crocodile Hunter".

Tarantula Spiders

Tarantula.October is mating season for Tarantula spiders in California. Males are searching for females. That is why you may seeing them on the roadways and in areas near buildings. Tarantulas are generally not aggressive except during mating season. Please do not try to handle a Tarantula. Leave it alone and if necessary call Campus Police Services. An officer will respond and remove the Tarantula.