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Q. What is the Web Team? Who is on the Web Team?

The Web Team consists of the College's Web Designer. From June 2002 through May 2004, a student assistant worked part-time on the Web Team to assist with the initial conversion of websites to the standard design templates.

The Web Team is responsible for all core pages of the website and manages Division, Department, Committee, Other Campus Group (except unions and student clubs), and Faculty websites using the standard design templates in the Zope web content management system. See What We Do…Web Team Services.

Q. What is the procedure for making changes to a website managed by the Web Team?

The best ways to communicate content and/or updates for your web pages to the Web Team are:

  1. Green, Paperless Methods:

    1. New content for a web page (such as a new or re-written paragraph or page) should be provided in electronic form, such as typed out in an MS Word/Excel file (preferred) or email message - and specify where the new content should be placed. When you're done with the new file, email it to the Web Team at

    2. Data/information presented in rows and columns uses a "table". Tables should be provided in MS Excel files or using MS Word's "Table" feature. Do not space or tab between columns when typing row-and-column data/information.

    3. Changing an existing web page is easy!

      • In your web browser, select and copy the part of the web page needing updates, then paste it into a MS Word file.
      • You will make your updates to that MS Word file. It is helpful to turn on the "Track Changes" feature in Word.
      • When you're done making changes, email the modified Word document to the Web Team at - and include the URL of the web page to be updated.

    4. Email a complete description of your changes to the Web Team at We need to know what needs to be changed to what - i.e., change "this" to "that", and include the URL of the web page(s) to be updated. In many cases, it is faster for you to instead do the above steps or the "non-green, paper-based methods" below.

    5. The Web Team does not edit/make changes to non-HTML web pages, such as MS Word files or PDF files (i.e., "content files"). These files must be updated/revised before they are emailed to the Web Team to be posted on a website. Please specify which online file they replace or, if new files, where they should be added and what they should be called.

  2. Non-Green, Paper-based Methods: Print the web page(s) needing changes, make your changes to the printed pages (in clearly readable handwriting, of course!), and then:

    • send the printed pages through the mail rounds in a in-house mail envelope address to "Web Team", or
    • scan the modified pages into a PDF file and email the PDF to the Web Team at

Q. How long will it take the Web Team to make changes to my site?

The turn-around time for updates to change incorrect information and minor revisions is usually very quick (within 1-2 working days). Extensive additions or modifications need to be scheduled around other projects and may take up to 1 week or longer. Delays may occur when the Web Team is in meetings, training, or out of the office.

Q. I want my Division, Department, Committee, Other Campus Group, or Faculty website managed by the Web Team using the standard design templates. What do I do now?

Deans, Chairs, Managers, and Faculty have the option of having the Web Team manage their Division, Department, Committee, Other Campus Group (except unions and student clubs), or Faculty website. More information is available in the Practices & Policies section of the Web Style Guide.

Q. If my website is managed by the Web Team using the standard design templates, can I make updates to it myself or have a member of my staff or a student worker update my website?

Access to Web Team-managed websites is available only to Web Team members. Therefore, once the Web Team has taken over management of a website, only the Web Team will have access to the website.

Q. I want my website managed by the Web Team, but I want to use one or more different images in the header area of the standard design templates. Is this possible?

Yes. You must supply the images to the Web Team. The Web Team will prepare them for use in the header section of the website they manage for you. You will need at least one (1) image. It is possible to use multiple images (one image will randomly displayed when a web page is displayed).

Several images may be collaged together if they do not fit well into the wide, narrow format of the template's header design. The Web Team may reject an image if it does not fit properly in the header template.

Images must not contain colors that conflict visually with the Ohlone College teal and gold color scheme. The images should reflect the content of your website. For example, if your site is an instructional site for math, the images should relate to math.

Q. I want my website managed by the Web Team, but I don't want to use the standard design template that has the large image in the header area. Can my site use a different template?

Yes, there is a template with a narrow header (an example is the Web Team website).

Q. What is Zope? What is a web content management system? Who uses Zope at Ohlone College? Can I use it?

Zope is a web-based application that the Web Team is using as a web content management system. It is open source software with a community of developers.

Zope is installed on the development and main web servers ( and It provides the Web Team the ability to use templates, "include" files, properties, scripting, CSS, and other techniques to manage standardized design and content over multiple pages of a website. Zope is used by the Web Team to manage the Ohlone College website.

Zope is not "user friendly" and is not available for use outside the Web Team.

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