Zoom is a cloud-based service that provides simple online meetings, content sharing and video conferencing capability. Ohlone’s IT Services & the Office of College Advancement have collaborated to provide virtual zoom backgrounds for students, faculty, staff and administration.

This fun and easy feature allows you to display an image or video as your background during a Zoom meeting.

How to Use the Zoom Virtual Background

Make sure you download/update the most current version of the Zoom application, otherwise the virtual backgrounds will not appear as an option. For use on your phone, you’ll need to download the Zoom.us app from the App store on your phone. Virtual Backgrounds are available for use on iOS only, iPhone 8 or higher, Android is not available yet.

App Store


Video Tutorial from Zoom – Virtual Backgrounds

To learn more about this topic, click on the link below to go to Zoom Help Center.


Step by Step Directions – Virtual Backgrounds

First, review the available images in the “Virtual Background Images” menu on this webpage. Second, download the image you’d like to use for your virtual background. Then follow the steps below to use the virtual background on either your phone or your computer.


  1. Log into or start a Zoom meeting.
  2. From the Zoom toolbar at the bottom of the screen, click the dropdown arrow next to the START VIDEO icon and select CHOOSE VIRTUAL BACKGROUND.
  3. Click the + icon to upload an image (.jpg, .png) from your computer.
  4. You will see a preview of yourself in front of the image.
  5. Close the pop-up window.

On Mobile Device/Tablet

  1. Download the Zoom app for iOs to your iPhone 8 (or higher). iOS only, Android is not available yet.
  2. Open the app, and sign in and join a meeting.
  3. Touch the screen to display the controls.
  4. Click MORE.
  5. Select VIRTUAL BACKGROUND. (You’ll want to be sure you have downloaded a graphic to your photos from the Virtual Backgrounds tab on this page).
  6. Click the + icon to upload an image from your phone.
  7. You will see a preview of yourself in front of the image.
  8. Click CLOSE.

Virtual Background Images

The virtual background feature in Zoom allows users to display an image as the background during Zoom meetings. Ohlone College has created a series of background images for you to download and show off your Ohlone Renegade pride.

Note: Make sure you clear your browsing history and reload the webpage to access most current designs.

How to Download

  • Right click on the image of your choice
  • Click "Save Image As" or "Download Linked File As" and save it to your desired location (desktop, downloads, a folder, etc.).

Help / Support

Need Help? 

First, please check out the detailed Zoom video. Additional step-by-step instructions are located in the “How To Use The Zoom Virtual Background” menu on this webpage.


Please note that Ohlone’s IT Services are actively working with faculty, staff and students troubleshooting during the shelter-in-place closure. Please be mindful of contacting IT Services for support for Zoom Virtual Backgrounds.


IT Services Desk:

(510) 659-7333